Make a Difference on World Refugee Day 2017


World Refugee Day is a time to honor the courageous journeys of refugees—people who have fled violence, conflict, and persecution to build new lives.

And, as the global refugee crisis worsens—with more than 16 million forced to flee their homes—it is an important opportunity for us to stand together on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable.

Will You Join Us?

Through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), there are so many ways you can make a difference on World Refugee Day.

  • Consider sharing an international meal with friends and family
    Celebrate the many ways refugees have enriched our culture and talk about the contributions refugees make to our society. Find a recipe here.

  • In preparation for WRD, call Congress this week and add your voice to support welcome for refugees!
    Learn more

  • Spread the word
    Share with your friends on social media how you’re celebrating World Refugee Day. Use #WelcomeOurNeighbors, #WRD2017 and tag @LIRS.

  • Volunteer at a local resettlement agency
    Help refugee families adjust to their new home communities. Contact one of our local affiliate agencies.

Refugees are woven into the very fabric of American life. They are our friends and our neighbors.
They contribute to our nation’s prosperity, and its strength.

Please join us in honor of their courage and resilience as you take action this World Refugee Day.