President’s Office
President and CEO — Linda Hartke
Executive Assistant to the President — Marc Soloweszyk
Board Liaison — Pamela Anderson


Chief Operating Officer — Gary Gold-Moritz
General Counsel — Shirley Bigley LaMotte
Chief Human Resources Officer — Cecilia Hoyer
Human Resources Generalist — Charise Brown
Senior Human Resources Administrator — Jamie McMillan
Human Resources Administrator — Perrida Ballenger
Chief Information Officer — William Bisbee
IT Project Manager — John Banks
Operations Manager — Louis Eguzo
Support Services Specialist — Terrance Faison
Manager for Infrastructure and Support — Cameron Willey
Technology Support Coordinator — Nicholas Hackley
Director for Knowledge Management — Carrie Boron
Knowledge Management Project Coordinator — Rose Kane
Applications Administrator — Christopher Walton
Senior IT Project Manager — Patrick Nowlan
Technical Business Analyst — Darlene Boblooch
Technical Business Analyst — Aqibullah Khan
Director of Evaluation — Kasia Kedzia
Director for Advocacy — Javier Cuebas
Refugee Advocacy Officer — Ryan Mace
Policy Counsel — Jessica Jones, Esq.
Advocacy Fellow, LVC — McKayla Eskilson


Chief Financial Officer — Steven Biedermann 
Loans Manager — Terry Holthause
Loans Operations Manager — Rana Al Mishlib
Loans Counselor — Carmen Taylor
Loans Counselor — Melodi Lovely
Loans Assistant — Ann Fries
Loans Assistant — Ann Reilly
Loans Assistant — Wesley Jeter
Controller — Mona Elhofy
Staff Accountant — Denise Underwood
Accounting Manager — Justyna Paez
Accounts Payable Clerk — Patricia Fraser
Accounts Receivable Specialist — Deborah Gerlach
Accounting Clerk — Marianne Freedman
Director for Grants Finance — Scott Sherman
Affiliate Finance Manager — May Earl


Vice President for Programs — Kay Bellor
Program Coordinator for Programs — Drina Lancaster
Director for Refugee Services — Nina Zelic
Learning and Development Specialist — Alicia Wrenn
Assistant Director for Pre-Arrival Services — Helen Molinaro
Placement Coordinator — Sovanna Sok
Placement Coordinator — Belinda Castro-Lee
Program Specialist — Stephanie Ward
Program Coordinator for Pre-Arrival Services — Mia Thiam
Assistant Director for Stabilization — Rya Crafts
Cultural Orientation Coordinator — Daryl Morrissey
Program Manager for Stabilization — Hannah Cann
Program Manager for Stabilization — Bianca Nelson
Program Coordinator for Stabilization — Christina McPherson
Assistant Director for Integration — Vacant
Program Manager for Preferred Communities — Matthew Dolamore
Program Coordinator — Laura Griffin
Program Coordinator — Katharine Swiggett
Program Manager for Higher — Nicole Redford
Workforce Engagement Coordinator — Daniel Wilkinson
Director for Children’s Services — Dawnya Underwood
Program Coordinator — Angela Randall
Assistant Director for Foster Care — Christine Gedim
Program Manager for Foster Care — Julia Hutton
Program Manager for Foster Care — Caitlin O’Donnell
Program Manager for Foster Care — LaMar Rice
Manager of Program Information Systems — Willette McCurdy
Program Manager for Safe Release Support — Ginny Fitchett
Program Manager for Family Reunification — Jessica Ranweiler
Program Manager for Family Reunification — Stephanie Remulla
Program Specialist for Family Reunification — Suzy Lac
Placement Coordinator — Ronda Eaton
Placement Coordinator — Sharetta Barnes
Continuous Quality Improvement Coordinator — Andrew Gerlicz
Director for Migrant Services — The Rev. David L. Meyers


Vice President for Development, Outreach, and Communications — Staci Coomer
D.O.C. Coordinator — Kimberly Stokes
Director for Development — Mike Coburn
Assistant Director for Development — Kirsten Hongisto
Manager for Government Grants — Margaret Zeddies
Gift Officer — Paul Erbes
Annual Giving Manager — Emanuel Figueroa
Donor Services Manager — MaryKathryn Odean
Development Coordinator — Brandy Freeman
Events Manager — Heidi Pena
Internal Communications Manager — Rebecca Heller
Director for Communications — Miji Bell
Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist — Jessica Fisher
Digital Communications Coordinator — Cecilia Pessoa
Director for Outreach — Folabi Olagbaju
Assistant Director for Outreach — Rev. Kevin Jacobson
Program Specialist, Detention Visitation — Julia Coffin
Project Associate for Outreach — Deanne Waters
Project Associate for Outreach — Whitney Palmer