2014 Refugee Sunday Kit Materials

Sign up for the 2015 Refugee Sunday Kit here.

LIRS will be commemorating Refugee Sunday and celebrating over 75 years walking alongside migrants and refugees through ministries of mercy and justice.

To help you, your church, or group more fully experience Refugee Sunday, LIRS created a resource kit for 2014. The kit was developed with worship or group discussion in mind and is adaptable for a variety of settings and audiences. The kit includes:

  • Suggestions for celebrating in a worship service
  • Discussion activity for youth and adult groups
  • Educational poster- stats and stories to learn more and inspire action
  • Link to more materials online- video, sermon notes, communication tools

Digital versions of the kits are available below:

If you already have a kit and would like additional materials, including sermon notes from Rev. Dr. John Nunes and Rev. E. Roy Riley, and bible studies, sign up here:

For questions, support planning your event, or for a hard copy of the kit, contact outreach@lirs.org. If you’re already signed up, tell us more about your event here.

View the “Courageous Journeys” here.