Hope for the Holidays


Have you ever wanted to be a saint?

How about a saint during the holidays – the holy days?

If you hunger and thirst for righteousness, you can be.

Jesus said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.”

Thousands of women, children, and men in the United States are among
the sixty-five million refugees and migrants in the world who have been forced
from their homes by war and other atrocities. Many are isolated and lonely
in far-flung detention centers. Many others are in your community, perhaps in your neighborhood.

The roots of righteousness are merciful and just relationships.
Hungering and thirsting for these, especially during the holidays, is saintly.

Along with thousands of like-hearted Lutherans and other people of faith, you can be a saint.

Beginning on All Saints Day (November 1st), LIRS is offering several ways that individuals
and faith communities across the country can bring hope for the holidays.

Participate in one (or all!) of the following activities by December 13th


A holiday card to an immigrant mother and her child in jail
(called family immigration detention centers).

Find sample holiday greetings and mailing instructions here.
Watch “Locked in a Box” to learn more.


A gift to a migrant boy or girl who has been separated from their family.

Purchase a gift via our online registry here.
Watch “The Journey” to learn more.


A meal and invite a refugee in your community to join your holiday festivities – they’d love to bring a dish, too.

Find additional resources here.
Watch “Courageous Journeys” to learn more.

Let your passion for righteousness be satisfied – be a saint!

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