The Journey: Lutheran Response to the 2014 Border Crisis And Why Unaccompanied Minors Still Need You

The Journey is an educational video that clarifies the nature of the crisis that gained the attention of the nation in summer 2014.  The unprecedented number of unaccompanied children and families fleeing  violence and despair in Central America caused controversy on a number of levels. Many Lutherans and other people of faith extended heroic welcome and mercy. LIRS, our service partners, and sister Lutheran agencies were already in place as part of ongoing work with people seeking refuge.  We work proactively on advocacy and programmatic responses to ensure people who need refuge are protected and embraced.

And while the number of people arriving has abated for now, the need remains. We’re in this for the long haul. We need congregations and individuals to join in the effort.

Download the video and discussion guide for use with your congregation or other group concerned about mercy and justice. The Leader’s Guide offers insights from Linda Hartke and lays out a simple agenda for thought-provoking conversation. The participant handout provides background details to inform discussion. Our prayer is that groups will be moved to faith-filled action on behalf of children and families seeking protection. For questions or to discuss ways to be involved, contact Melissa Blauvelt:, 410-230-3544.

“The Journey” video – English version

Download the Leader’s Guide here

Download the Participant Handout here

Download ‘The Journey’ video – English here

“The Journey” video – Spanish version

Download the Leader’s Guide here

Download the Participant Handout here

Download ‘The Journey’ video – Spanish here

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