Finding Safety

Rebuilding Hope, December 2015 edition
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Finding SafetyOne of our partners, Lutheran Social Services in Michigan, recently resettled one of the few Syrian families who have made it through the long security screening process.

The Al Zoubi family arrived in Detroit, Michigan, just a few months ago after two and a half years in a refugee camp. “America is amazing,” they say.

They came from Daraa, and they are six of the 10 million Syrians forced to flee their homes in the five years of civil war.

“When the war started, the bombs were very close to where we lived. They were killing everyone; children and adults. It is a war on fire.”

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service works with partners in local communities to help refugee families settle into their new homes. After the horror they have experienced, we help them feel safe. We help them feel known.

When asked how their life is now, the father replied, “Very good. Thank God. Here there is peace and a future for my family, and my children are just so excited and happy now.”

But with reports of anti-Muslim violence in schools and desecration of mosques, we are deeply concerned for our newest neighbors.

We hope that you and your community will stand for welcome with us, and we hope that refugees like the Al Zoubi family will be able to achieve their dreams: “I want my children to learn English and continue their education. I also want to learn the language and work and be stable financially. And I want to forget about my painful past. Just be safe, healthy, and live in peace.”

Each one of us can show love for our neighbors, offering safety and understanding. We can be a voice of welcome and compassion.

See the Al Zoubi family tell their story in this video.


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