Thank You for Helping Us Reach Our Year-End Goal by Dec. 31!

Rebuilding Hope, December 2013 edition
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Rebecca300To meet our year-end goal, we must receive gifts totaling $139,000 by December 31. This allows us to meet the unprecedented needs we’ve faced this year and be ready to help more migrants and refugees rebuild hope in the year to come.

When friends like you share special year-end gifts, you help Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service launch strongly into 2014 and offer:

  • Specialized care and placement for unaccompanied refugee kids
  • Basic services for refugees on arrival
  • Employment assistance, life skills, and advocacy for policies that are fair to refugees
  • Support for refugees held in immigration detention

Rebecca’s story is a wonderful example of how we want to help more refugees in 2014. She was 13 when she came to the U.S. as an Unaccompanied Refugee Minor (URM), along with other “lost” boys and girls from Sudan.

Living at a refugee camp in Kenya for eight years, Rebecca was alone because her mother had died in childbirth and her father was fighting the Khartoum government. “Every day I woke up not knowing hope,” she recalls.

But with your help, LIRS and Bethany Christian Services placed Rebecca in a loving foster family in Holland, Michigan. She was the first “lost” girl there, and her community embraced her and even gathered together to pay her tuition for a private high school.

After high school, Rebecca went to college and graduate school. And she now works for the American Bible Society in D.C. and provides biblically-based trauma healing at refugee camps.

Thank you for helping to make stories like Rebecca’s possible! And know that we’re grateful for special year-end gifts received by December 31 – to help protect, embrace, and empower thousands more vulnerable newcomers in 2014.

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