Former Refugee Advocates for Others

Rebuilding Hope, November 2014 edition
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Nyamuoch GirwathThanks to the support of friends like you, Nyamuoch Girwath and 50 other former refugees had the opportunity to build their organizing and leadership skills, and to put those skills into practice by telling their personal stories to Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill, urging our leaders to support critical legislation.

Side-by-side with other leaders, Nyamuoch advocated for other migrants and refugees as she told her story of being born in a refugee camp in Ethiopia during the civil war in South Sudan, and how her family struggled to adjust to their new life in the United States after being granted refuge here.

Nyamuoch knows firsthand how former refugee children must “become adults at a young age to help out families with the resettlement process while also trying to grow up as normal American kids.”

Nyamuoch used to miss school so she could translate for her parents at doctor’s appointments or help them pay bills and apply for jobs. “I remember bringing home my homework to help my parents learn with me. Since they could not help me with my homework, I decided to teach them,” she says.

Nyamuoch’s ambition to help others manifested early, but there was still one thing she did just for herself. “Modeling for me was a way of escape, I was able to express myself.” Her beauty and talent soon led to the opportunity to move to New York City to pursue her professional modeling career.

Adjusting to life in New York was challenging, but Nyamuoch was inspired by the way her parents struggled to adapt to life in America and eventually succeeded at giving their daughter the opportunities they always wanted for her.

Now that Nyamuoch has settled into her life in New York, she’s focusing on how she can use her experiences and skills to help others. She’s especially passionate about helping young people — both at-risk teens in New York and former refugee youth across the country.

Your support does far more than just meet basic needs. You also give former refugees like Nyamuoch the opportunity to grow as individuals and leaders to use their experiences as a platform to advocate for others, multiplying your impact.

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