Together We Will Go Far

Rebuilding Hope, October 2015 edition
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MRLA 2015Your generosity made it possible for 93 former refugees, migrants, and allies to travel from across the country to attend the 2015 LIRS Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy in June.

This year, the Academy spearheaded several new initiatives including a planning committee comprised of former Academy participants, and the bridging of migrant and refugee participants. The inclusion of both migrants and former refugees allowed participants to bridge their respective immigration experiences and find strength in unity.

As a planning committee member and workshop facilitator, Nyamal Tutdeal offers a unique viewpoint of the successful outcomes of the Academy. Here, Nyamal discusses the value she sees in the Academy.

Nyamal-200x300_BW_WEB“This year the Academy was unique because it was the first time that LIRS brought together migrants and refugee leaders to train and equip them with the tools needed to advocate on the issues facing both migrants and refugees. As the leaders saw in the training, migrants and refugees have more in common than different.

“The participants this year connected with [the facilitators], because in one way or another, we share a common story of being a refugee or migrant. They could relate to us and we, in turn, could understand where their questions were coming from.

“Seeing the increase in the number of women participants, and seeing a participant bring her 3-month-old daughter to the Academy so she could get the training to better her daughter’s future was very moving. That action of love spoke to me on a deeper level, and I still get emotional thinking about it now.

“I was overcome by emotions during the ending session. One of the participants wrote a poem about being a refugee, making a change, and overcoming the obstacles you face in your journey. It’s interesting when you learn about yourself through the eyes of others.

“At the Academy in 2014, I was an eager participant ready to learn how to be a better advocate and leader in my community. I’ve now learned how to tell my story and the story of the countless refugees who came here as children and are now contributing citizens in their newfound country.

“Coming back this year as a planning committee member and a facilitator was a humbling experience. From this Academy I’ve learned to listen with not just my ears, but with my soul.

When asked what do you see as the future of the Academy, Nyamal answered, “There is an African proverb that comes to mind when I think about this question: ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’ 

“LIRS has helped many migrants and refugees in their advocacy work and in creating awareness about the countless issues facing both refugees and migrants (documented and undocumented).

“Together we will go far, using all of our voices. Now it is not just the voices of the LIRS staff that are being heard by the elected officials, but the voices of migrant and refugee constituents as well, which is profound and inspiring for everyone involved.”

On behalf of all the 2015 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy participants, thank you for making it possible for each of them to share their stories and make an impact in their communities!

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