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Rebuilding Hope, October 2012 edition
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Van Lal Thlan was only three years old when his mother picked him up and literally carried him across the border into Malaysia. Living in Burma had become life-threatening.

Waiting for them was Van’s father who had fled two years earlier. But only part of Van’s family was reunited that day. The trip was so dangerous that Van’s older brother and sister had to stay behind in Burma with their grandmother.

Van and his mother had relocated to Atlanta, Georgia as refugees, and in time, she discovered the work LIRS does to reunify families. She applied to bring her other two children – now in their teens – to join the family in America. And this July 17th there was a very special moment at the Atlanta airport when Van’s mom and her 16-year-old daughter hugged each other for the first time in five years!

There are hundreds of other separated refugee families like Van’s who need our help today. And your gift below will have double the impact for these children and parents when it’s doubled by the $40,000 Challenge Grant offered by LIRS staff and board members!

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