A Refugee Donates to Help Resettlement Work Continue

Rebuilding Hope, October 2012 edition
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LIRS is able to resettle hundreds of refugees and immigrants in the U.S. each year because of the generous support of friends like you, and provide them with legal, medical, employment, and social services to help them start their new life.

Like you, many of these refugees and immigrants are passionate to help others in need through LIRS. Thawng Pao is a Burmese refugee who was resettled by LIRS in 2001. Today he has integrated into his community, works full-time as a forklift operator, and gives part of his income to ensure the work of LIRS can continue.

A Refugee Donates to Help Resettlement Work ContinueWhen I was a child in Burma I learned from my parents to give tithe, to make a way for a better future. That’s why I support LIRS with 10 percent of my income – so that this money can help their mission.

When I started my job here, I wanted to donate to a place where people are working hard for the Lord and to help others. That’s what LIRS is to me – they helped rescue me. While I was a refugee I had a lot of problems and they helped me, and when I was in bad condition they lifted me up.

I have decided to donate to LIRS for as long as I live in this country. And when I die, I have designated that the money in my IRA retirement account will go to the organization. Even though I don’t always understand English, when I read the Bible and compare what it says with the work that LIRS does, it is the same. So I want to help this good work continue.

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