Spotlight On: First Lutheran Church

Rebuilding Hope, September 2013 edition
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StainedGlassWindowSmallSome choose sit-ins to promote change. But through the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) Stand for Welcome campaign, we invite anyone who seeks protection for refugees, asylum seekers, vulnerable children, and migrants to stand: Stand for welcome and stand for change as we advocate together for just and fair laws and policies.

First Lutheran Church in Aitkin, Minnesota, recently joined the campaign by holding a Stand for Welcome Sunday. And Pastor Bob Munneke shared that it was a congregational effort and a call to action to connect their Lutheran Christian faith to immigration and refugee ministry.

Congregants and visitors heard more about the work of LIRS, and a message for boys and girls was shared during a special Children’s Program—to encourage them to be welcoming and helpful friends.

First Lutheran Church also held a forum after the Sunday church services where discussions were conducted regarding immigration news. Pastor Munneke hopes this Sunday marks the beginning of an ongoing focus to keep congregants—and the community—mindful of the importance of immigration and refugee ministry.

Visit for more information and resources on how to be an individual or church advocate and participate in the Stand for Welcome campaign.

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