Your Support Helps 3,010 Refugees this Summer!

Rebuilding Hope, September 2012 edition
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Over the past three months we called on friends like you to support our special Summer Campaign to help up to 2,000 refugees, immigrants, asylum-seekers, and torture survivors in need of assistance. We needed to meet a goal of $110,000 by August 31st—and thanks to your generosity $147,910.17 was given!

Your faithfulness and generosity helped LIRS to welcome and assist 3,010 refugees from June to August—helping these precious people access health services, employment opportunities, and even basic accommodations.

One of those people was Kelile, a man from Ethiopia welcomed by LIRS in Colorado. A survivor of torture, Kelile is now in a supportive environment able to begin a new chapter of life in freedom.

Freedom is a gift I will never take for granted,” says Linda Hartke, “after seeing the profound gratitude in the eyes of refugees who have endured persecution and torture. It is a gift that helps healing of the soul.”

Thank you for helping many people like Kelile over the summer. Together we succeeded in our mission of welcome, to show love to these lives of infinite worth!

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