Give the Gift of Family

Rebuilding Hope, September 2014 edition
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Foster Care

Belonging – Love – Unity. How do you describe family?

Recently several of our foster parents and former foster children sat down to tell us what family has meant to them.
Every day children around the world are separated from their families andforced to flee their countries in search of a place to call home. Most of these children are trying to escape danger — war, abusive parents, drugs, gangs and violence.

Our foster parents remind us that being a parent is not easy, but it is very rewarding. Working through our partner organizations, our foster parents are never alone in the process. Even if you do not speak the same language, there is a universal language of love in a family that can help overcome many barriers.

Azi is a former foster child who was born in Burma. As a young child, she was afraid to smile. The Burmese government took away all of her dreams. Having to leave her family behind was a tragic event in her life. Her foster family did everything possible to make her feel at home, to feel safe. She knew that she could trust them. She appreciates that they allowed her to be herself. Listen as Azi tells how she found her smile.

Paul is a former foster child from the Congo. As a young child, he felt lost. He was resettled in Michigan, and thought he might be lost again. However, he found people who cared about him. They pushed him to become a better person. Find out how Paul discovered he was not lost.

If you love people, have a heart for people, or think you can make a difference in a person’s life, we encourage you to consider giving the gift of family.

Take the first step by going to to watch videos of these courageous families and find out more about how you can become a LIRS foster parent.

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