Inspired by Your Kindness

Rebuilding Hope, July 2014 edition
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Your support inspires such gratitude because you change lives in utterly powerful Iraqi Manand profound ways. Enjoy these words of thanks, from the heart of one refugee — straight to yours!

Saham Talal Abdalkareem, Iraq: “I am thankful and grateful to have been given the chance to have a safe, peaceful, decent and respectable life by being resettled in the United States where I feel free to live as I believe and make my own choices. I almost lost my life in the country of horror and terror where I grew up. Resettling in the states is tough and difficult, a huge adjustment that requires hard work, patience, persistence, responsibility and discipline, but it is totally worth it. To me, home is not where you grow up. Home is where you find peace, love, and freedom. The United States is my home.”

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