Finding Home

Rebuilding Hope, July 2014 edition
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“My passion for refugee and human rights lives in me; it is deep down in my heart, in Selena Sujoldzicmy soul and my bones. Participating in the World Refugee Academy will not only be an honor, but it will teach me the tools I need to know in order to continue to educate people on refugee and human rights, to learn effective ways of fighting for those rights and to be able to help other refugees, who are just like me, find a place they can, too, call “home” again.”

Selena Sujoldzic – Selena and her family came to the United States as refugees from Bosnia when she was a child, and they were resettled with the help of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. Selena participated in this year’s World Refugee Day Academy. She currently works as a lawyer in Kansas.

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