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Rebuilding Hope, July 2012 edition
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Volunteers take mission of welcome to a whole new level

Please help us meet our $110,000 goal by August 31st

Please help meet our $110,000 goal by August 31st

As you may already know, support for LIRS typically declines over the summer as our friends and supporters take much needed vacations. But the work of LIRS and our mission of welcome can’t take a break. This is why we launched our Summer Campaign last month with a goal of $110,000.

LIRS must continue serving as a tireless advocate for asylum seekers, torture survivors, and migrants at risk, with approximately 2,000 people across the country needing crucial help over the summer months.

These precious families and individuals are not thinking about a vacation. They are in need of legal assistance, foster homes, employment, education, health care, counseling, and advocacy—and LIRS is determined to help them… with your support!

Thank you for your prayers and support for LIRS as we remain faithful to assist these lives of infinite value and worth over the summer. These lives are not “migrants” or “refugees” but people of status who deserve to be welcomed in from the margins of society and embraced with our compassion and love. Donate today!

Two young refugees in Nebraska win prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship

Two young refugees in Nebraska win prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship

Two young refugees in Omaha, Nebraska, were awarded the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship in April, and are among only 1,000 minority students nationwide to win the prize this year out of 24,000 applications.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program selects 1,000 talented minority students each year to receive a good-through-graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice, and Moo Say, 20, and Thai Nyi Soe, 19, will begin at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the fall!

Both Moo Say and Thai Nyi Soe are from Karen refugee families who recently resettled in the United States from a refugee camp on Thailand’s western border with Myanmar. LIRS helped resettle Thai Nyi Soe’s family four years ago through the Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska, and Moo Say’s family was resettled here in 2010.

Moo Say and Thai Nyi Soe are a great example of how refugees can thrive and contribute to our nation when they are given the assistance, support, friendship, and compassion they need to make the most of their new opportunity here. And they’re the reason why your ongoing support and prayers are so important!

It is a great encouragement to see these two students motivated to do well in school in order to be participating members in society, and both have great dreams for their future lives in the USA. Moo Say would like to become a mathematics teacher and her ultimate goal is to be an education professor, while Thai Soie wants to study law and to become an advocate.

Congratulation to Moo Say and Thai Nyi Soe, and best wishes for your future success! Donate today!