Fighting Against Injustice

Rebuilding Hope, June 2015 edition
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Fighting Against Injustice

Thanks to your gifts, Narad Adhikari received training that helps him be a strong leader within the Bhutanese community in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Narad Adhikari is a strong leader within his community and a former LIRS World Refugee Day Academy participant. He lived in Bhutan, but is of Nepali ethnicity. Narad became a refugee in the early 90’s because of his ethnicity and religion.

“Under the ‘One People, One Nation’ policy of the royal Bhutanese government, I had to give off my ethnicity and religion and adopt the Buddhism and Bhutanese culture, which I denied and as a result of which I became a refugee, which is a very painful status for any human being to live on earth.”

It was this experience that now drives Narad to be a strong advocate for refugee rights. Today, Narad is a leader among his Springfield, Massachusetts’ Bhutanese community. He is also a Language Assessor in the Springfield Public School System and chairperson of a faith-based Bhutanese community group.

Your gifts make it possible for us to provide leadership training to former refugees who are ready to become advocates for the rights of refugees. They are also given the opportunity to tell their personal stories on Capitol Hill during the Academy. “LIRS World Refugee Day Academy was one of the best, for all those who are struggling for rights and justice.”

Within Western Massachusetts, Narad specifically is working on citizenship education, mental health awareness, community empowerment, and youth engagement in socioeconomic development. “Resettlement is a challenging task for both agency and the individual person/family. However, constant encouragement, engagement in the social activities and educating them on the lifestyle in the place of their new resettlement will make life easier.”

Thank you for making it possible for refugees to have their voices heard and receive the training they need to become leaders within their communities!

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