A Note from Linda – May 2013

Rebuilding Hope, May 2013 edition
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Dear Friend,

Thanks to your support, LIRS continues to serve the refugee and immigrant community all across these United States and around the globe.

In so many ways, we couldn’t begin to cover the ground we do and meet and help the people we do without your support!

That’s why I’m excited to share with you a chance to play a significant part in this year’s World Refugee Day (WRD) on June 20 and in the days leading up to it. As a friend and ministry partner of LIRS, you have the chance to join thousands of caring people to recognize the agonizing walk of refugees to freedom and security.

I’m proud to say that, thanks to support like yours, LIRS has spent 75 years working to recognize refugees as People of Status – men, women, and children who…in God…have immeasurable value and worth!

That’s why our WRD campaign theme this year is WE RECOGNIZE YOUR WALK.

And with your help and – I hope! – active participation this year, together we can recognize the walk of hardship refugees experience in their long journey to new homes and new lives.

I also encourage you to join me in a summer-long effort to serve the most vulnerable of all refugee groups: the children!

In just a few days we’ll launch LIRS’s Summer Children’s Campaign to reach over 1,500 refugee and migrant children this summer with real help and hope! But to do that, we must reach our $111,750 Summer Children’s Campaign goal through the generous prayers and support of caring hearts like yours!

If we complete the campaign by reaching that target, we’ll be able to contact, protect, and support all these vulnerable little ones God is leading us to help.

But if we don’t, we simply won’t, and that would be a tragedy, for each little life counts for so much!

So please stand with me and this community of believers who support LIRS so generously and so prayerfully, on behalf of vulnerable refugee and migrant children and all those we help save and serve!

God bless you, and I look forward to hearing from you and communicating with you again soon.

Yours in faith,

Linda Hartke
Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

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