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Rebuilding Hope, May 2013 edition
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MayaRH219When she was just 12 years old, Maya was forced to run illegal drugs in her native Honduras. Living in a pit of abuse, Maya suffered every day. When she fought back, she was threatened with death! Terrified, she fled with hope of reaching America…

Little lives like Maya’s are of immense value, worth, and promise. And it’s for their sake we’re launching our Summer Children’s Campaign with your support.

The need is enormous. Of the thousands of refugees around the world, 50% are children.

And whether these children are orphaned or torn from their homes due to conflict or persecution – or, like Maya, escaping brutal violence or poverty – they are risking everything in a desperate search for safety and a fighting chance.

Thankfully, LIRS is there, advocating for children when they arrive here as refugees. And as the number of at-risk boys and girls coming to the U.S. continues to grow, we continue ensuring they receive the compassion and care they should have.

At the same time, we’re successfully reuniting families by helping many of these little ones find extended family members already living in our country.

We’re also finding loving homes. LIRS is one of only two groups in the world providing specialized foster care services for resettled refugee and children. Our network helps make sure they get the services and support necessary to adapt to a new country, a new culture…and a new home.

That’s exactly what we were able to help do for little Maya…

As a trafficking victim, she was given status as a refugee minor, and LIRS was able to work with local partners to place her with a loving family. After years of violence and fear, she‘s finally safe – and safety is the first step toward healing!

But it will take the success of our Summer Children’s Campaign to meet our $111,750 goal, help support all of our work and help and reach over 1,500 refugee and migrant children God is leading us to serve this summer.

That’s why your summer support will matter so much, so please pray how the Lord will lead you to give and pray in the months ahead.

And thank you for helping change so many young lives like Maya’s through your partnership with LIRS. Together, we’ll make our Summer Children’s Campaign a success, showing love to these lives of infinite worth!

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