SPOTLIGHT: Tulsa Church Embraces Its Mission of Welcome

Rebuilding Hope, March 2014 edition
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TulsacongregationChrist the Redeemer is one of several Lutheran churches throughout Tulsa that answered the call to provide support and outreach to local immigrants and refugees.

This congregation’s powerful commitment to the mission of welcome has been a true blessing in the lives of the area’s Hmong, Latino, Liberian, and Burmese populations.

To foster faith and community integration, Christ the Redeemer hosted an on-site vacation Bible school for families living in the apartments that serve as the community’s primary resettlement area. At its conclusion, families attended a back to school event where the church provided children with needed school supplies for the upcoming year.

After a fire in one of the apartment buildings left the Burmese community shaken, Christ the Redeemer also helped organize a Health and Wellness Fair. Bringing together police, firemen, lawyers, dental care providers, and individuals from the community, the event alleviated misconceptions and fostered deeper trust and understanding.

Yet no event is met with quite the delight that the Angel Tree Project brings at Christmas time!

What an exceptional opportunity for the whole community to express its support and concern for immigrant and refugee families! And it’s met with such surprise and wonder! Families can’t believe that anyone would show such care and generosity while expecting nothing in return.

It’s an evening of food and fellowship. And you just can’t beat the smiles on the faces of kids, who could not be more thrilled to receive gifts of new clothes, shoes, coats, and toys.

Experiences like this build the cultural synthesis Christ the Redeemer and other committed congregations hope to create. Rather than focusing on differences, these churches bring people together around their shared identity as human beings.

Ultimately, the goal is to help newcomers find a sense of home — and to support their efforts to achieve the dreams they carried to America.

Thank you for making it possible for congregations to reach out with care for immigrants and refugees!

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