Thank You for Partnering to Build Hope

Rebuilding Hope, April 2013 edition
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paoemailMany supporters have recently made the commitment to become Hope Builders – supporters who commit to give monthly gifts to help provide a dependable stream of income for the work of LIRS. And their regular support means LIRS can commit to helping even more refugees and immigrants in crisis!

One of our Hope Builders is Mr. Pao, originally from Burma. He recently wrote to us sharing why he has such a passion for supporting LIRS. He says,

In Burma, I learned from my parents. I know giving can make a better future. And this organization, LIRS, creates a better future. LIRS has been my deliverer. My rescuer. They helped me, so in return I cannot forget that when I was in a serious, bad condition, they lifted me up.

My request is that you help LIRS with a gift every month, just as I have. Thank you, if you decide to do this to help others who are in a situation like me.

Thank you so much to all our Hope Builders who are helping meet the needs of precious lives like Mr. Pao, who is now passing the blessing on as a Hope Builder himself!

And if you aren’t a Hope Builder but would like more information, please feel free to connect with our team by at or calling us directly at 410-230-2773.

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