Profile in Courage

Rebuilding Hope, April 2016 edition
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This series shares the stories of attendees at our annual Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy. We hope you are inspired by their stories and passion for becoming leaders within their communities. Your gifts make their training possible!

Ernestine Greaves

City: Prospect Park

State: Pennsylvania

“Just a couple of years ago, I was a new refugee in this great country. Although I felt safe and secure, I was still worried about family members I had left back home. More especially my young daughter.

“Through the aid of the LIRS workers and the loan they provided, I was reunited with my daughter in 2013. This was a great day for me, and I will never forget the help that LIRS granted me.

“I live in a very calm and peaceful community. My older daughter loves her school, adores her teachers, and loves hanging out with her friends from time to time.

“While I lived in Africa, I was a leader in my community. I worked with youths and young adults to organize cleaning up campaigns to counter the environmental ills of our neighborhood as the government struggled to meet the sanitation needs of most of the country. Our community members and parents were proud of us, and were readily available whenever we needed financial and moral support.

“I would like to learn new ways and strategies to become a leader in the U.S., honing leadership skills I already have and making it work effectively in my new home country. I believe I already have the light, I just need some more fuel to keep it burning.

“Besides the legislative advocacy, leadership, and community building skills, I hope to meet contact persons and network; because it is always better when we do it together.

“Upon returning to my community, I plan to do mini step down trainings for anyone who will listen and who will be willing to advocate for positive and progressive issues.”

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