From Linda to You, March 2013

Rebuilding Hope, March 2013 edition
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Dear Friend,

You may be surprised to hear that more than half the refugees LIRS helps each year are women and girls. Some come to our country alone, filled with fear and often suffering from psychological injuries and health problems. Others are the heads of their households where husbands have been lost in the wars they’ve fled. Some are the eldest amongst siblings who’ve lost both their father and mother. And many young girls we work with are not refugees, but have been trafficked into the U.S. for sex work and labor.

Fortunately these women and girls are helped from the moment we first connect with them. Thanks to you, LIRS specialists and our local partners ensure that all children, young adults, mothers, and elderly women receive the social and immigration services they critically need to start the recovery process, and to settle into their new lives and communities.

The month of March has been Women’s History Month, and I want to take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to the many friends like you who’ve helped LIRS serve the precious and fragile lives of refugee women, trafficked girls, and female immigrants over the past 74 years.

Thousands of families across multiple generations have been forever impacted by your compassion, sacrifice, prayers, love, and open arms of welcome. And life has returned to hearts where all that had been left was brokenness and misery.

Thank you for helping this mission of welcome continue. Please pray with me that we can help more women than ever before to experience happy, healthy lives.

In peace,

Linda Hartke

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