Local Outreach Key to Family’s Future

Rebuilding Hope, March 2014 edition
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LocalOutreachKey300Leaving family behind is never easy. For many of our children and families, life in their home countries is so difficult that they know they must leave. For those who make it to the U.S., many experience survivor’s guilt for those they left behind. Those left behind often experience physical and emotional scars, as well.

At age 14, Andrea was finally reunited with her mother after 12 years. However, this happy occasion was quite difficult for both mother and daughter.

Andrea experienced physical abuse from the extended family members she was left with in her home country. Because of this abuse, she began to act out after being reunited with her mother. Unfortunately, she was not initially able to communicate her emotions in a healthy way.

Her mother quickly became overwhelmed by feelings of guilt for leaving her daughter behind and did not know how to best handle her daughter’s current behavior.

Thankfully the local worker reached out to LIRS to help this mother and daughter rebuild their lives together. Counseling and a parenting program were found for the mother, while Andrea took part in after-school counseling. Even a specialized high school was sought that specializes in working with immigrant students and families.

Since then, Andrea has been excelling academically and recently discovered her love of music. Thanks to your support, she now plans to go to college and become a lawyer so she can help other migrant youth like herself or become a music teacher so she can teach children about music and share her love of music.

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