Vulnerable Children Flee Across Border

Rebuilding Hope, March 2014 edition
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Vulnerable ChildrenThe numbers of children crossing the Mexico – U.S. border seeking protection has nearly tripled in the last three years to 21,000 in 2013. Many newspapers have recently reported on this crisis showing the dangers children are fleeing from and demonstrating the need to strengthen and widen the safety net to accommodate these children.

“They are being forced out,” said Kimberly Haynes, the LIRS director for children’s services. “This is an absolute humanitarian crisis.”

LIRS works hard to protect these vulnerable children. LIRS is one of only two organizations nationwide that provides specialized foster care services. Along with our partners, we work to reunite children with their families and find loving foster families who can provide them with a home and connect them to education and a future.

We walk alongside foster and biological parents to help them support their family and ensure children receive the services they critically need to start rebuilding their lives.

If you are moved to action to help unaccompanied children to find loving homes please visit our volunteer page to find out some next steps.

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