Through Courageous Eyes

Rebuilding Hope, April 2015 edition
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FatimaAt the young age of 17, Fatima’s husband, Mustafa, was arrested at a check point in Syria and he was never heard from again. News of his death was delivered to the family soon after his arrest.

“That was the worst day of my life,” Fatima says. “They took my husband right in front of me and I was helpless to do anything.”

Her loving husband left Fatima with her grief, two young sons and a third child on the way. While her parents remained in Syria, she left her homeland and the only life she knew to relocate to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

“…grief is not a light thing to carry. It’s a heavy burden. It can age and weaken a person,” Fatima shares.

It was at the refugee camp that she was able to enroll in a photography course. Through the use of photography, she has found a voice, a way of expressing her grief and fear, and a pathway to hope for the future.


“My imagination was limited because I had never thought about all the different ways I could take photographs and express myself with these photos. When I got the camera it expanded by imagination.

“This has given me a lot of confidence…to photograph and leave behind the isolation and sorrowful state I was in. I dream that I will teach…teach and train children and adults in photography.”

To see Fatima’s photos and read more about her story and other Through Courageous Eyes artists, visit our blog.

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