Loving Our Neighbors As Ourselves

Rebuilding Hope, April 2015 edition
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The Journey FullIn 2014, an unprecedented number of children fled violence in Central America. LIRS recently created a video that shares the brutal realities for these children in their search for safety.

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LIRS, our national network of partners, and Lutheran churches across the US are at the forefront of providing foster care, reunited family members, and walking alongside of these children. We are fulfilling the greatest command to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Please Join Us! You can help us meet the needs of the most vulnerable among us by taking the following steps:

Pray – Please pray for these children, their safety, and their futures.

Advocate – Urge members of congress to legislators that protects these vulnerable children.

Volunteer – Consider using your time to make an impact in the lives of a refugee or immigrant.

Donate – Any gift you can provide will help us to keep protecting these unaccompanied children.

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