From Linda to You – Rebuilding Hope, February 2013

Rebuilding Hope, February 2013 edition
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Dear Friend,

I’m delighted to share the wonderful news that you helped support over 10,000 refugees and migrants last year!

Each newcomer to the U.S. embarks on an exciting – and challenging – journey to start a new life here. And thanks to you, they receive the encouragement, training, and practical support they need to help them succeed.

As you can imagine, it takes tremendous courage to come to a new country. But knowing there are people like you – who believe in them and care about them – is a powerful incentive for them to persevere through difficult times.

The need for our Children’s Services program and the Early Employment program continues to grow each year. So I’m deeply grateful for your partnership to help sustain and expand these programs.

And I hope you’ll be as encouraged as I was, to read about the generosity of a group of Latvian school children in Washington, D.C. What a blessing to see young people moved by compassion!

As always, I want to thank you for your faithful support and prayers for the work of LIRS. Together, we’re bringing hope and new life to thousands of lives in our nation!

Yours in faith,

Linda Hartke


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