From Linda to You

Rebuilding Hope, January 2013 edition
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Dear Friend,

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to you for all the prayers, gifts, time, and encouragement you gave to help immigrants and refugees in 2012. All that was accomplished simply would not have been possible without your support!

And the 10,000 lives we served together would have had nowhere else to turn to for essential legal advice, housing assistance, medical care, employment support, and more. Thank you so, so much.

The support of friends like you was particularly important at year-end, when we needed to reach a target of $440,000 to balance our books and start 2013 in a healthy position. The great news is your gifts not only met this goal but exceeded it!

So right from January 1st we’ve been able to continue serving all who come to us for help, thanks to those resources. It’s an encouraging way to start the year!

I foresee this year being busier than ever, and also more productive and fulfilling as the network of Lutheran and other partners continues to grow to serve refugees in communities across the nation.

Our work with children impacted by detention will also increase through our work with the government. And our prayer is we’d be able to facilitate foster care for many children who would otherwise have to remain in detention centers that are little more than prisons.

Please pray that God would continue to enlarge our capacity and responsibility so that we can help every single refugee and immigrant who comes to us for help this year. Together we will give them the dignity and hope they deserve!

Yours in faith,

Linda Hartke

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