Church Spotlight: The International Lutheran Church of Zion, Milwaukee

Rebuilding Hope, January 2013 edition
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RebuildingHope013113bLGThe International Lutheran Church of Zion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was founded in 2005 by French speaking African immigrants and refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, and Burkina Faso.

Many of the refugees had struggled to find a church home because of the language barrier, and this French-speaking church gave them opportunity to pray, worship and fellowship together in both French and their native languages. In 2007 the members decided to become a ministry of Benediction Lutheran Church, and today the congregation includes members from other non-French speaking African countries as well as American brothers and sisters.

The International Lutheran Church of Zion facilitates several initiatives aimed at building strong immigrant families in the local community, including:

  • The African Food Pantry
  • Cultural Adjustment Trainings for New Immigrants
  • Marriage Seminars and Workshops
  • Summer Vacation Bible Study

The church also works to help new refugees furnish their apartments and adapt to life in the United States.

LIRS wants to take this opportunity to commend the wonderful work this church is doing to help African refugees in Milwaukee. Their support and welcome is not only giving refugee families a place to worship and fellowship – they are also helping them integrate into their larger community and setting them up for success in their new lives in the US. Thanks for the inspiring example International Lutheran Church of Zion!

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