Your Support Helps LIRS Strengthen Hmong Refugees

Rebuilding Hope, January 2013 edition
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RebuildHope013113aThe Hmong people are originally from a rural, mountainous region of Laos, however thousands had to flee their homeland to refugee camps in neighboring Thailand after the Vietnam war.

The US began accepting Hmong refugees in 1976 and Hmong communities now exist all across the country, most predominantly in California, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. LIRS helped settle hundreds of these refugees, including 15 families in the final wave of refugees in 2004.

Every year these communities celebrate the Hmong New Year, and LIRS’ James Corey took the opportunity this past November 23-25 to be part of the largest celebration at Saint Paul River Centre in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The event was attended by approximately 40,000 people each day and included musical acts, dance performances, lots of Hmong food, a bazaar, and traditional games.

“This is one of the largest annual Hmong gatherings in the world, and it’s been so inspiring to meet and talk with hundreds of former refugees here including several who were settled by LIRS!” says James.

“They are very appreciative of LIRS and of the congregations here in Saint Paul that sponsored them and their families.”

It’s because of the faithful support of friends like you that LIRS has been able to help strengthen so many Hmong refugee families over many years. Thank you for helping give these precious people the dignity and hope for the future they deserve!

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