Creating A Future

Rebuilding Hope, January 2015 edition
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Murtadha was able to open a business and support his family with your help!

Murtadha was able to receive a loan to come to the United States with your help! He now has his own business to support his family.

In 2012, Murtadha Al Saedi was able to come to the US with the help of a loan administered by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service. It was a little scary at first.

“You come here by yourself, everything is a different culture, it’s hard to communicate. No one is from your family to help you; you’re by yourself,” Murtadha shares.

That is where friends like you come in! Your gifts not only enabled Murtadha to make the trip to the US, but you also helped him build his own contracting business.

“LIRS helped me a lot. The loan they gave me was one of the things that helped me get to the states. I now have my own business. I have a family—a 2 year old and 3-1/2 year old. I have everything in line for their future and my future.”

Thank you for remembering immigrants and refugees through your prayers and financial support!

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