Alternatives to Detention

Community-Based Alternatives to Immigration Detention

Community-based ATDs welcome individuals as they await a final decision on their immigration status after they enter the United States and/or are released from the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Community based ATD’s do not unnecessarily restrict individual liberty (i.e. GPS ankle monitors, house arrest, etc.) while ensuring compliance with federal mandates. In addition, community-based ATD’s facilitate access to legal services, culturally appropriate case management, and housing to those demonstrating need. Individuals are empowered to integrate into their new surroundings through holistic services such as health care, education, spiritual support, and employment skills-building.

Through community-based ATD’s, LIRS believes that individuals will

  • Consistently appear for their mandatory court and supervisory appointments
  • Participate more fully in their legal proceedings due to ample access to information on the legal and social systems to which they are subject.
  • Be better equipped to restore their personal dignity

Additionally, LIRS believes ATD’s can be effectively implemented in a manner that is more cost-effective than incarceration.

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