Learn about immigration detention and recommended alternatives to detention in LIRS’s report “Unlocking Liberty.”

Be a compassionate visitor to a person in immigration detention. Equip yourself with Bring the Sky: The LIRS Guide to Detention Visitation.
When asylum seekers and survivors of torture flee to the United States in search of protection, they are often imprisoned before they have the opportunity to make their case. Other migrants fleeing desperate circumstances, including families and children, suffer the same fate. LIRS helps migrants impacted by detention by offering critical legal support that can make the difference between beginning a new life and being forced to live in persecution or despair.

We promote access to the justice system, immigration benefits and legal protection for all immigrants and refugees. Through our legal service, visitation, and community support networks we provide compassionate support in a multitude of ways, including serving as a witness and accompanying people on their journeys to safety and opportunity. Donate now to promote access to justice!

Advocating with Migrants – Administrative and Legislative

As a nation built by immigrants, America should maintain our history of hospitality to people who come to our shores seeking safety and opportunity. LIRS brings this message of welcome to our country's halls of power. In all policy changes, LIRS works to ensure that vulnerable newcomers are protected. We draw upon expertise serving unaccompanied children, torture survivors and other migrants at risk. We monitor issues such as human trafficking, international humanitarian disasters and immigrant detention as they impact the migrants we serve. Read more ...