Reuniting Families

Among the 10 million refugees around the world, an estimated 5 percent are children living apart from their parents. Many other children who are not classified as refugees, but who are nevertheless desperate for safety, freedom and opportunity, leave their homes and migrate to the United States alone.

When refugee children are referred for resettlement and when migrant children enter into federal custody, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service is called upon to help them reunite with their family members already living in the United States.

Our specialized family reunification services help children successfully reunite with their parents or other identified caregivers by providing follow-up services as they leave federal custody.  Through the help of local partners on the ground, we strive to see that children receive community-based care that focuses on school enrollment, health care, home adjustment, safety and permanency, and legal issues. Our professionals work with social works, attorneys, care providers and, most importantly, the children themselves to ensure that every child’s voice is heard and needs are met.

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