Placement Information for Long-term Foster Care through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)

Safety, support, and success are what LIRS Children’s Services are all about. Thank you for the services you are currently providing to immigrant minors and for referring them to LIRS for the next steps in their journey to permanency. Orientation about the program into which minors are placed goes a long way towards their success in that program. The resources below will make orientation simple and effective.

For each program you will find a slide show presentation with audio in Spanish for the minor and a companion fact sheet in English for you. The slide show can be used in conversation with the minor or independently by the minor. It will play continuously and can be paused at any time for discussion. The fact sheet contains additional information about what the minor can expect in the program.

For best viewing results, save each presentation to a computer or memory device now. When updates and additions are produced, we will notify you by email. If you have any questions or need technical assistance, contact or call 410-230-2700 and ask for LIRS Children’s Services.


Bethany Christian Services- Grand Rapids, MI


Lutheran Child and Family Services of Eastern Pennsylvania – Roslyn, PA


Lutheran Community Services of the Northwest- Seattle, WA


Lutheran Social Services of Michigan- Lansing, MI