Help LIRS Protect, Embrace, and Empower More Women and Girl Refugees

LIRS_international_women's_dayDear Friend,

More than half the refugees LIRS helps are women and girls. They come to our country filled with fear and often suffer from psychological injuries and health problems. And they desperately need to know there is someone they can trust, someone who’ll be there for them.

With your help today, LIRS will be able to continue assisting women and girls as together, we:

  • Provide support and encouragement for female-headed households
  • Rescue and rehabilitate girls trafficked to the U.S. for sex and labor
  • Support women’s empowerment programs
  • Provide legal services, reuniting families and finding foster families for unaccompanied minors

So please give your best gift below to help more women and girl refugees. And thank you for transforming communities across our country into places of welcome for them!

Yours in Faith,

Linda Hartke