Michael Lynch Fundraising Page: Baltimore Marathon, Oct. 12, 2013

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Dear Friends,

Every day, unaccompanied kids make the dangerous journey to come to this country in search of safety, family, and basic education. These children rely on the Children’s Services Unmet Needs Fund to help them successfully navigate life’s rough waters and maintain healthy and stable lives.

With these children in mind, I’ve decided to run the Baltimore Marathon on October 12th and raise $2,000.

My job here at LIRS is to help these children to recover from their journeys, cope with their experiences of trauma and abuse, reunify with loving parents and family, and integrate into their new homes.

But emergencies still happen family crises arise, medical bills pile up, and unaccompanied kids lack the income and the means to do well in school and participate in after-school programs.

So I hope you will join me with your financial support in raising funds for these children through the Unmet Needs Fund. Many thanks for your help and I’ll see you at the finish line!

Warm regards,

Michael Lynch
LIRS Child Specialist