New challenge grant doubles your impact!

Urim225captionstockA group of LIRS supporters has offered a $5,000 challenge grant to encourage friends like you to join them in our Summer Children’s Campaign effort.

This means that your impact below is effectively doubled for little ones like Urim!

We only have a frightening sketch of the details of Urim’s early life, because he was born into the civil war and corruption-ravaged Congo. Somehow, his family escaped to Ethiopia. What they encountered on the way I can only imagine. But what he faced arriving in a teeming refugee camp was horrific.

Thankfully, there was hope for Urim and his brothers and sisters. As child victims, they were granted refugee status, allowing them to come to the U.S. Yet they came alone. Urim remembers being so scared and nervous when he arrived. Everything was so different. The people. The language. The school he would attend.

Yet, to the delight of teachers and partners like LIRS working closely with refugee children like him, Urim surprised everyone by advancing beyond his 7th grade work in record time. In only two months, he was promoted to the 8th grade!

This is the kind of life-change your gift helps make possible today. So thank you for giving generously for “the least of these” (Matt. 25:40)!