Over the last three years the number of young people running from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador to the United States has been rising. The current estimates are that there could be as many as 80,000 kids. Many are teens but some are younger than ten. And legislative and programmatic efforts to address the influx of unaccompanied young adults crossing the border – UACs – are stalled in budget issues and a conflation of enforcement issues.

We’re asking everyone to sign the petition and put pressure on Congress to act decisively with proactive humanitarian solutions. This is our #ActOfLove in support of the thousands of children, teens, and young adults making courageous journeys.

How to join the campaign:

  • To show your support for the campaign, take a photo of yourself with your hands in the shape of a heart – like this – and post to your social media using the #ActOfLove hashtag;
  • Share with your friends and family via social media;
  • Once you’ve signed the petition, we’ll be in touch with other ways that you can be involve and with updates on the issue.

Other ways to be involved:

Additional Resources:

We believe that:

  1. Children should be with family: God instituted the family for health, protection, and love-filled rearing of children.
  2. Governments should protect families: God appointed governments to preserve order, justice, and aid for the public good.
  3. When governments fail, families fail: Children are at risk when nations torn apart by violence, corruption, and poverty drive migration of parents to earn a survival wage for the rest of the family.
  4. Children who say no to gangs are heroes: Unaccompanied children turning away from gangs and taking their future in their own hands to seek safety from violence and corruption are not criminal.

The asks:

  • U.S. response must be humanitarian, not enforcement
  • Unaccompanied children should not be caught up in criminal enforcement at the border
  • Family, either through reunification and foster care, is the best solution for unaccompanied children AND urgently deserving of due process and diligence so that we do not set up children for failure and unsafe situations


Campaign contact:
Folabi Olagbaju

Read the press release here