Visitation Ministry Funding Opportunities!

LIRS will award grants to established visitation ministries and seed funding to new ministries to help strengthen outreach to individuals isolated in or recently released from immigration detention. If your church or organization could benefit from a small grant to start, improve or expand services to immigrants in detention, here is your opportunity! We encourage you to apply for one of the following grants:

  • Grant for Established Ministries: LIRS will award $500 – $2,500 grants to established visitation ministries to help expand or improve services to migrants in or immediately following their release from detention. An established visitation ministry is one that has conducted more than three visits to a detention facility or coordinates regular support for individuals immediately following their release. In addition to funding, LIRS staff will provide ongoing training opportunities and support to help ministry leaders recruit, train and manage a growing volunteer base. This is a one year grant term with a fixed application deadline.

Deadline: Please submit your application to by March 25, 2016. Click here to download the application.

  • Seed Funding for New Ministries: LIRS will award $500 – $2,500 grants to congregations and community groups looking to start a visitation ministry at an immigration detention facility in their community. A new visitation ministry is defined as a group of people that has conducted between zero and three visits to an immigration detention facility. In addition to seed funding, LIRS will work with new ministries to overcome start-up hurdles and build a base of volunteers.

Deadline: New ministry grants will be awarded on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted. Email completed applications to Click here to download the application.

Click here to read the full grant announcement. If you have any questions regarding either application, feel free to contact Pierre Thompson at or call 410-230-2772.