Stand for Welcome Sunday

Across the country, Lutheran congregations are setting aside one Sunday in the spring of 2013 to dedicate a few intentional moments of worship or study time to increase awareness and connect people to action.

Engage your congregation in discussion about immigration issues and share the tools to speak up for migrants through faith-based advocacy and prayer. The LIRS resources below will give you everything you need to plan a Stand for Welcome Sunday.

When you hold an event or take an action, let us know! LIRS has a team in Washington, DC advocating every day for compassionate treatment of migrants and refugees. We’d love to see photos, videos, and testimonies from your experience, to lift up your work to Congress and remind them that Lutherans care about newcomers. E-mail us at

Are you looking for church resources to guide discussions on immigration in worship services or Bible studies?
Resources to lead discussions and understand the connection between Lutheranism and welcoming the newcomer.

  • Bulletin Insert–Help your members learn more through stories and respond through action and prayer.
  • Be Not Afraid Bible Study–This three-part study can be done in one or more sessions to discuss faithful responses.
  • DREAM Sabbath Guide–Consider devoting a service or event to the challenges and hopes of young immigrants.
  • ELCA Stand for Welcome Sunday–Use these ideas and resources for worship that speak to the current need for your church to stand for welcome.
Are you looking for resources to advocate for migrants and refugees?

Resources to engage in advocacy grounded in faith, reminding policy-makers and others that Lutherans stand for welcome.

  • Postcards to Congress–Download and print on card stock of any color. Have congregants add their information to three postcards (one each for their representative and two senators) and personalize as desired. Mail to LIRS (122 C Street NW, Suite 125, Washington, DC 20001) either individually or packaged together in one envelope.
  • Stand for Welcome campaign–Join LIRS’s online campaign to stay informed about current legislation impacting migrants and refugees and advocate through our online action center.
  • Immigration and Refugee Mythbusters–Share the truth about migrants and debunk misinformation. Use as a bulletin insert, make handouts available, send to your legislators, or post in your church.
  • Prayer Vigil Guide–Consider holding a prayer vigil with your congregation or other faith communities where you live to prayerfully stand with immigrants.
  • Meeting with an Elected Official–Share reflections from your Stand for Welcome Sunday with your elected officials. You don’t have to be an expert – you’re their constituent and they want to know what you think!

Are you looking for something we don’t have posted here?
Let us know! E-mail and tell us how we can better support you and your congregation in praying and advocating for migrants.

Thank you for your interest in holding a Stand for Welcome Sunday. We are grateful for your partnership in praying and acting for compassionate immigration policies.