In 2011, LIRS created the Refugee Alumni Network, a network of former refugees who want to help new refugees in the United States.

A $30 donation is all it takes to get started. As a member, you'll receive the Rebuilding Hope Newsletter to stay connected to LIRS. You’ll also receive opportunities to voice your leadership through advocacy and events. Join today!

LIRS invites members of our Refugee Alumni Network and former refugees to apply to participate in our 2014 World Refugee Day Celebration in Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC on June 18-20. This annual event is one of the most important times of the year for LIRS to speak with members of Congress about refugee issues. The journey you have taken as a refugee and your success in the United States makes you a leader that we want to have as a part of this influential event. Apply today!

Refugee Alumni Network Members

Last updated February, 2014. Please allow a few weeks from date of gift for donor name to appear on list.

LIRS Board
Yohannes Mengsteab
Sam Weedor, Board Committee member

Community Conversations Advisory Group Members
Mr. Yusuf Abdi
Mrs. Daimy Bueno
Mr. Voffee Jabateh
Ms. Esther K. Prabhakar

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