LIRS End Human Trafficking Campaign

The practice of exploiting adults and children for the pleasure and profit of others is growing at an alarming rate. While international and national efforts exist to deter this practice and rescue its victims, more education and faithful action is needed. Just as the apostle Paul exhorts his friend Philemon to free the slave Onesimus of his own volition, just as centuries of Christians have freely given of the love they have received in service to others, so much can be accomplished when people of faith speak boldly and act compassionately to end modern-day slavery.

LIRS encounters foreign-born victims of trafficking through our children’s services. Some children are trafficked for labor, others for sex work. In each case, LIRS child specialists and our local partners ensure that these children and young adults receive the social and immigration services they critically need to start the recovery process. We are also active in advocacy, calling on Congress and the White House to protect immigrant victims of trafficking through federal laws.

With the partnership of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod and others, LIRS is inviting Lutherans to commit to ending human trafficking.

Invite a Speaker:

Find a person in your area who can speak from experience working with victims of trafficking such as workers from a local rescue organization, staff from an LIRS partner, or a law enforcement officer trained in recognizing victims of trafficking. Survivors of trafficking are often unwilling to speak publicly, but if a connection with a survivor can be made, invite them to speak.

Looking for resources to spot and aid victims?

UPDATE: VAWA Passes in House of Representatives; LIRS Hails Strong Bipartisan Support - Bill’s Inclusion of Reauthorization of Trafficking Victims Protection Act a Huge Victory

Separate myths from facts using our Human Trafficking Mythbuster. Download and print your own.

Watch our video to learn how LIRS is on the front lines battling human trafficking and supporting its victims. Watch the trailer here.

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