Host Your Own DREAM Sabbath!

Every year, 65,000 high school graduates walk out of their classrooms and into a world that is closed to them. American children, raised on American soil, are denied the American Dream because they lack the proper paperwork.

The voice of many different faith communities across this country are joining together to call for the passage of the DREAM Act. Innocent children must be protected from the partisan battle that delays any comprehensive reform of our immigration system. They need you to stand with them, hear their stories and call on Washington to honor the sanctity of their DREAMS.

Why host a DREAM Sabbath?

  • Help raise awareness about the DREAM Act while moving our country towards more humane and just immigration policies;
  • Put a human face on an otherwise political issue through personal stories and testimonies;
  • Educate your community about this critical issue;
  • Urge President Obama to stop deporting innocent DREAM Act eligible students and youth.

Contact for help organizing your DREAM Sabbath!


Email to register your event. We'd love to hear about what you are doing and learn other ways LIRS can help.

Sign a Virtual Petition in Support of the DREAM Act ELCA congregations can pass out these instructions for signing a virtual petition in support of the DREAM Act

Additional Resources:

National Immigration Law Center
Here, you can find information on the DREAM Act as well as information on legislation that a few states have passed that will permit some undocumented students to attend and pay in-state tuition at some colleges and universities.

United We Dream
A national immigrant youth-led organization with the mission of achieving equal access to higher education for all people, regardless of immigration status.

Senator Durbin's DREAM Act page
Includes stories and the text of the DREAM Act.

The Migration Policy Institute
The Migration Policy Institute studies global migration, including migration in and to the United States. The website includes many recent reports on immigration and border policy.

The Immigration Policy Center
The Immigration Policy Center has created valuable information on state immigration legislation and completed a report for states considering immigration legislation.

Catholic Legal Immigration Network
CLINIC has information and resources related to legal services for immigrants.

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)
Resources on legal issues, including position statements on current proposed legislation, advocacy resources, and a search option for immigration attorneys.