On May 1, National Day of Prayer, Make Two Phone Calls that Matter — State Action Alert  Published 4/24/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_state_alert

May 1st is National Day of Prayer! Make TWO CALLS to tell both the House of Representatives and the White House that you pray they will act to reunite families and heal immigrant communities! We pray for… The House to act on comprehensive immigration reform The Obama Administration to... more

HEADLINES: Immigration — April 24, 2014  Published 4/24/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_immigration_headlines

Stalled immigration reform at the federal level has prompted state and local elected officials to take their own action. Visit our blog every Thursday for HEADLINES: Immigration. I’ll bring you all the most important and up-to-date news on the immigration debate. Philadelphia Ends Local... more

'Local Ukrainian-Jewish Refugee Helping Other Refugees,' First Coast News Reports  Published 4/23/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMELSS JAX 300

For nearly 35 years, Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida (LSS) in Jacksonville, Florida has provided refugee services in partnership with LIRS and other social service ministries. Through resettlement and placement, integration assistance, employment services and other programs, LSS has... more

Spotlight on St. Isabel’s Lutheran Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey — Rebuilding Hope  Published 4/21/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEIglesias Luterana Sant Isabel 300

We love to highlight the inspiring work with refugees and immigrants undertaken by churches across the nation. This story of St. Isabel’s Lutheran Church in New Jersey comes to you from our monthly newsletter, Rebuilding Hope. Pastor Collazo and his congregation at St. Isabel’s have a... more

Religion, Parents, & Economics — Top Picks of the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere  Published 4/18/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_top_picks

As the struggle for immigration reform continues, advocates are focusing on the moral impact of changing the currently broken system. In this week’s edition of the Friday Top Picks, I’d like to highlight a video post from Will Coley of Detention Watch Network which discusses the current hunger... more

Washing Feet: Guest Post by Matt Herzberg  Published 4/17/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEMatthewHerzbergPic 300

Today, I'm delighted to share a guest post by Matt Herzberg, LIRS Manager for Congregational Outreach. Many of us will gather in our congregations for worship... more

HEADLINES: Immigration — April 17, 2014  Published 4/17/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_immigration_headlines

Support for immigration reform continues to increase as advocates use every effort to gain the attention of elected officials. Visit our blog every Thursday for HEADLINES: Immigration. I’ll bring you all the most important and up-to-date news on the immigration debate. O’Malley’s Border... more