History Repeats Itself at Family Detention Center on Border — Guest Post by Nora Skelly, LIRS Assistant Director for Advocacy  Published 7/28/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEJail300x300

While the Obama Administration detains families, LIRS is taking action to protect them, many of whom qualify as asylees under U.S. law.  Nora Skelly, LIRS Assistant Director for Advocacy, recently visited a family facility near the border. In this guest post, she shares disturbing realities... more

Vulnerable Families Are Being Imprisoned. You Can Prevent It With Houses of Welcome — State Action Alert  Published 7/25/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_state_alert

Mothers and children, who fled to the United States for safety, are now being imprisoned in detention centers. We are deeply concerned as the government expands the detention system for these vulnerable families. Fortunately, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has opened the door to the... more

'It Was Either This or be Murdered,' Bishop Michael Rinehart Shares From His Visit to a Children's Shelter at the Border  Published 7/24/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEBishopMike300x300

Bishop Michael Rinehart of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America recently visited a facility temporarily housing unaccompanied children on the border.... more

We Need Your Voice Today! Urge Congress to Protect Unaccompanied Children and Refugees — National Action Alert  Published 7/22/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_national_alert2

The Obama Administration recently requested that Congress enact a $3.7 billion Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Bill, which includes $1.83 billion for the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR); $1.1 billion for Immigration and Customs Enforcement; $433 million for Customs and Border... more

5 Ways to Support Children and Families in the Border Crisis — State Action Alert  Published 7/18/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_state_alert

As the border crisis continues to escalate, we have received messages from individuals asking “What can I do?” We are deeply grateful for this outpouring of compassion. Here are 5 ways individuals, congregations, and communities can support those seeking refuge. 1.... more

Immigration Courts, Aspiring Americans, and the Detention Quota— Top Picks of the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere  Published 7/18/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_top_picks

The immigration system in this nation has been neglected for far too long. Now the broken system is being pushed to its limits as it struggles to meet the challenges from the current humanitarian crisis. In this week’s edition of the Top Picks, I’d like to highlight a post by Carly Perez that... more

HEADLINES: Immigration — July 17, 2014  Published 7/17/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_immigration_headlines

Elected officials are at odds for a solution for the humanitarian crisis that is now dominating U.S. media and politics. Activists, religious leaders, and business leaders are all calling for compassionate action. Visit our blog for HEADLINES: Immigration. I’ll bring you all the most important... more