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In Maryland, Abdalhamid Ali saw a need for improved access to services for the migrants in his community. As a leader in the Darfurian community in Baltimore, and the Co-Founder of the Darfurian Refugee Association, Abdalhamid saw value in organizing a coalition that brought together leaders from several different ethnic backgrounds in the Maryland region. By developing a multicultural group, leaders from each community are able to learn from one another, identify overlapping areas of concern, and work together to serve the needs of their communities.

As a result of the needs identified at the first Maryland Region Immigrant Leaders Meeting, LIRS would like to conduct a 14 Week Online Training Course for migrant and refugee leaders interested in developing or improving their local organizations. Please fill out the following survey if you are interested in participating in the leadership course: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5LR5QWS

We are excited to offer this important opportunity to Academy participants throughout the country to support you as you continue to advocate and lead in your communities.


Current Opportunities

Take Action
Urge President Obama to Increase Syrian Refugee Resettlement in the United States

Speaker’s Bureau

As former refugees you all carry inside of you a very powerful story of overcoming incredible challenges and finding new hope. This is one of your most powerful assets. Telling your story to an audience can transform how they see immigrants and refugees in their community.

So, LIRS has launched the Speaker’s Bureau so that those of you who are ready to tell your story are getting regular opportunities to do so. Once you are confident in your story-telling and public speaking skills, we will connect you with a church, organization, or other group in your area who is in need of a speaker.

Through the Speaker’s Bureau, Academy alumni have represented LIRS at Refugee Sunday celebrations, national conferences, and more. If you are interested in being a part of the Speaker’s Bureau please email CShiras@lirs.org.

Newsletter Editorial Board

We are excited to share with you the first Academy Alumni E-Newsletter of 2015. The newsletter will be produced four times a year and we need your help to make it happen. LIRS is calling upon Academy Alumni to form an editorial board for the next issue of the Academy Alumni E-Newsletter. The Newsletter Editorial Board will work with LIRS staff identifying feature stories, alumni profiles, and important updates to include in the newsletter. In addition, Board Members will have the opportunity to write and edit for the newsletter. If you are a strong writer, editor, or have ideas to include in the next issue, please email CShiras@lirs.org to be considered as a Newsletter Editorial Board Member.

Academy Facebook Page

Join the LIRS Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy Facebook page!

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If you haven’t joined yet, click here to connect with your fellow Academy alumni, and post to let us know about your work, your accomplishments, and what’s going on in your community.


MoveOn.org has launched a social media campaign to pressure the U.S. government to raise the number of Syrian refugees admitted to the U.S. to at least 100,000 and we need your help to make a national impact. You can take part in this urgent national campaign by taking a picture with this flyer with the name of your city on top and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to hashtag #AmericaWelcomes and tag @LIRSorg on Twitter or Instagram and @LIRSorg on Facebook. Show the nation your city’s commitment to refugees fleeing violence, and encourage people across the country to stand for welcome!