Announcing the 2016 Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy  Published 2/12/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMERefugee and migrant leaders in Washington DC

We are proud to announce that the fourth annual LIRS Migrant and Refugee Leadership Academy will take place June 20-22, 2016. The Academy is an event where immigrants, refugees, and allies come together to build alliances, bond over shared experiences, and develop the skills necessary to advocate... more

How to Protect Unaccompanied Kids from Harm  Published 2/11/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEUnaccompanied Child

Unaccompanied children represent some of the most vulnerable. Often fleeing systemic violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America, children risk their lives to reach safety and protection in the United States. Imagine how dire conditions must be to send your child on the perilous journey... more

LIRS Offers Detention Visitation Ministry Grants  Published 2/10/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEImmigration Detention Visitor

Immigration detention separates migrants from their families. It isolates those who desperately need security and hope for the future. Breaking down this isolation... more

Together We Protected Vulnerable Refugees  Published 1/27/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEWelcome thumbnail

Much like the battle of Jericho, when the Israelites marched relentlessly with their trumpets blaring to bring down the city walls, your calls for compassion and protection for refugees stopped the detrimental anti-refugee bill, H.R. 4038, from moving forward in the Senate. Thank you for springing... more