Immigration Groups and Congress Respond to President Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration  Published 11/25/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEbutton_icon_national_alert2

On Thursday, November 20, 2014, President Obama released his highly anticipated Immigration Accountability Executive Actions, which included deportation relief for parents of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, as well as an expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)... more

First Steps Guide Book Empowers New Americans to Navigate the U.S.'s Complex Laws  Published 11/24/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEFirstSteps300x300

As many of you know, migrants’ journeys do not end once they reach our borders. Here in the United States, they face a complex and daunting system of laws. It takes courage to leave everything you know, but it also takes courage to navigate America’s complicated system — from health care and... more

A Message from the President on Creating Welcoming Communities  Published 11/21/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEAmerican Flag 2

I just got an email from the White House with a thank you I want to share – because it is really intended for the amazing LIRS network of partners, churches, refugee and migrant leaders: In addition, and as a part of the President’s executive actions, we wanted to be sure that you specifically... more

President Obama's Executive Action Puts Families First  Published 11/21/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEWhiteHouse300x300

As you know, President Obama just released his highly-anticipated Executive Actions on immigration, which will provide much-needed, temporary relief for millions of families currently suffering under our broken immigration system. These significant changes include deportation relief for certain... more

An Aspiring Architect Paints from Baghdad to Philly – Through Courageous Eyes  Published 11/21/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEThroughCourageousEyes300x300

Today’s guest post is by Mayyadah Alhumssi, an Iraqi painter now of Philadelphia, whose work includes scenes from both Baghdad and Philly. Mayyadah works with the Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative, which is a program of Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS). LCFS is... more

Obama, Executive Action, and Reform — Top Picks of the Immigration and Refugee Blogosphere  Published 11/21/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEStand for Welcome Kid

Last night, President Obama paved the way for millions of people to “come out of the shadows and get right with the law,” with his executive action. President Obama protected millions of families from being torn apart, and refocused America’s deportation efforts on “felons, not families.... more

President Obama to Announce Executive Action Tonight  Published 11/20/2014 in REDEFINING WELCOMEPresident Obama Speech 300x300

At 8pm EST tonight, President Obama will unveil his highly-anticipated executive action on immigration. The potential administrative reforms would include temporary protections to stabilize the lives of millions of deserving people living in the United States. While we do not know the exact details... more