Termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Program for Nicaraguans

“The Department of Homeland Security’s termination of the TPS program for Nicaraguans is one more stain on America’s history of humanitarian leadership. This decision overlooked simple truths. Among them, TPS recipients and their families have long integrated into American society.”

Restrictions on Refugee Resettlement Leave Vulnerable Refugees at Risk

As an organization that has dedicated itself to welcoming the stranger for over 75 years, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is deeply saddened by the Trump Administration’s decision to place additional restrictions on refugees who are seeking to be resettled in the United States.

LIRS Responds to Historic Low Refugee Admissions Ceiling

Today, it was reported that the Trump Administration intends to set the annual admissions ceiling for refugees at 45,000 for the coming fiscal year – the lowest goal since the start of the modern U.S. refugee admissions program in 1980. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is profoundly disappointed that at a time of historic, never before seen need, the United States would so drastically reduce the number of refugees to whom we are able to offer protection and safety.

LIRS Response to Reports of Trump Administration Reducing Refugee Arrivals

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) is deeply disappointed in reports that the Trump Administration is considering capping the number of refugee arrivals at fewer than 50,000 for fiscal year 2018—the lowest cap in more than three decades.

Amicus Brief Filed for LIRS on behalf of Unaccompanied Minors

Cleary Gottlieb today filed an amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Supreme Court opposing the Trump Administration’s emergency motion to refuse admission of refugees, including unaccompanied refugee minors (URMs), who have received assurances of resettlement from a U.S. resettlement agency, while the Supreme Court considers constitutional and statutory challenges to Executive Order 13780 (EO-2).

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