Together We Protected Vulnerable Refugees  Published 1/27/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEWelcome thumbnail

Much like the battle of Jericho, when the Israelites marched relentlessly with their trumpets blaring to bring down the city walls, your calls for compassion and protection for refugees stopped the detrimental anti-refugee bill, H.R. 4038, from moving forward in the Senate. Thank you for springing... more

The Anti-Refugee Bill We Can Stop  Published 1/15/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEstopcrosswalk

The imminent anti-refugee vote We hope you are well-rested from your Christmas and New Year celebrations because we need your help! Urge your Senators to vote with compassion next week on a bill that would cripple the United States' refugee program’s ability to protect the most vulnerable. On... more

DHS Announces Large-Scale Deportation Plan of Central American Families  Published 1/6/2016 in REDEFINING WELCOMEPoliceCarImmigrationRaid

The Situation Just two days before Christmas, the public learned that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was preparing to carry out large-scale deportations of recently arrived Central American families who had lost their cases seeking humanitarian protection in the United States. In the... more

Funding Bill Passes Without Harmful Refugee Provisions  Published 12/17/2015 in REDEFINING WELCOMEimage

Just in time for Christmas, Congress seems to have avoided a government shutdown with the gift of a yearlong spending bill. We are pleased to report that the bill is free of provisions that would restrict or disrupt the refugee resettlement program! Final votes are expected on the bill... more